It is no secret that many online readers will quickly scan a page, read from left to right, then scroll down the page in a sort of F-shaped pattern, before deciding whether or not they’ll stay on the web page. In fact, that is likely how you began reading this post. It is for this reason that when you prepare your content for the web, you must generate interesting material that is easy to scan.

Keep it Simple
In telling your story or presenting your thoughts or ideas, always keep it simple. Plan to use small subheadings, bullet lists, and bold important points or words, all while adding the proper paragraph break in different areas so as to create much needed white space. Your paragraphs should not run together to avoid a wordy and lengthy article, yet flow simply with clear headlines to break apart key information. Remember, readers are seeking information and were guided to your website for a reason. It is your job to keep them interested and give them the information they are seeking.

To create attractive and powerful headlines, effective content, design, and knowledge of the target audience are necessary components. There are a few techniques you can use to achieve the right headlines that will improve your overall website content.

Break up Content on the Page
Subheadings or leaders are used to highlight the main point of an article. When used accordingly they merely point to the main topic of discussion to be featured in the article. Readers are then directed to that article based on a clear subheading that guided them either from other parts of the website or a search engine link.

Use Bulleted Lists
While bullets help to break up important ideas or points, they also make the content somewhat clear and more inviting for the online reader with a short attention span. A bulleted list brings similar thoughts together by outlining or summarizing a main point previously mentioned. They work well if powerfully written, not too lengthy, and get straight to the point.

Bold Text
You can also achieve a similar effect by using bold text in your web content. Bold text jumps off the page and draws the eye towards that particular area. Whether it is a headline or other content, the online reader sees bold text immediately as something of importance that they should pay attention to, or as something they should not miss.

These few tactics will help form more inviting web headlines that essentially have the potential to excite your target audience. If your goal is to interest an online reading audience, forget all the flashy java, moving content, or the obsolete bells and whistles that most websites use to attract visitors. This type of fluff is only needed when your content is not precise and tailored properly to the right audience. Basically, why exaggerate with over the top web gadgets unless your goal is to purposely drive away the right traffic from your website.

The content chosen for your website can be powerful with the right use of relevant headlines and content that not only consistently attracts an audience but keep them coming back for more. Thus, attractive and powerful web headlines must be eye-catching, fresh, interesting, and worthy of filling space on your web page.

Essentially, your website headlines can appeal to many online readers if they are kept simple and deliver what is promised. It does no good to just add enticing words that are not tailored to your business goals and purpose of the website. Think of your headlines as the most important component of your online business marketing strategy. If you have a clear business strategy and plan already in place, you can easily align your website content with your business goals to generate headline-worthy and informational content that new and old online readers will enjoy daily.

Sam is a blogger and copy writing who believes that the right conversion optimization service can make all the difference when it comes to getting potential clients to complete the sales funnel.