WordPress 3.0.5 was released this week. I know you are hardly wait for the new and improved 3.1 release but it will not come so soon. The release candidate 4 of WordPress 3.1 was also announced this week. Further testing and feedback is required to it can hit an official release.

In the wordpress 3.0.5 some more security issues were fixed, including some cases when author or contributor level users can gain access to other users posts and drafts.

What it is needed to be noted is that some kind of security will be added to plugins whom developers didn’t taken all security measures to prevent intrusions. What this mean is that you should worry less about security holes generated by plugins you use.

On the latest release candidate for wordpress 3.1 were included the security enhancements from 3.0.5 and other issues were fixed which includes: the php4 compatibility, assigning posts to another account when deleting an user and marking multiple users or sites as spam in multisite.