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Why Updating WordPress is so Important

Several years ago wordpress was considered very insecure. It is an open source software, anyone can see the source code. This means that hackers can freely analyze the code for exploits. WordPress developers are working hard to keep it secure, but once in a while there are holes that no one tought of until some […]

How to prevent your wordpress from brute force attack

For who doesn’t know what brute force, it is a technique of finding a password by repetitive attempts. A hacker who wants to find your password will make a script that will automatically try to login with all combinations possible of passwords. How hard is this to be completed ? Depending on the password and […]

Before installing, make sure your wordpress theme is safe

There are so many wordpress themes available for free that it is so easy to lose counting. On the wordpress official theme directory are available only about 1400 themes. It is a small number compared to all available free wordpress themes. There is a good reason why the themes are not available in the official […]

Instant Messenger Security Tips and Tricks

Instant messaging has turned very popular today with the advent of the Internet revolution, a boon to Internet users to receive and send messages to family and friends. Instant messaging or IM as it is popularly called that started as sending and receiving messages within the same computer network in an office, has today grown to compass the entire […]

Secure your wordpress with security scanner plugin

In the history wordpress was accused of many security breaches. He is not having a good background, but things changed. The real problem was not only because he have many flaws, but when a flaw is discovered, all bots are set-up to exploit that, and even if your blog was not popular if you did […]