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When you start your website you certainly go for a shared hosting plan. It is very cheap these days and you’ll find it perfect for your start-up. But what when your website grows ? You start to search for alternatives but there is no way to pay a dedicated server ? A VPS is the perfect solution for you.

With a VPS you can have your own dedicated RAM and your own dedicated disk space. Probably you are familiar  with all shared hosting companies  that gives you unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited everything for practically free ? Well, they are just using marketing strategies. That disk space is not available to you, and they hope you will never use more than few GBs. When you use too much resources you are advised to move to a VPS or dedicated server.

Sometimes they will not tell you this directly, but they will start to stop the processes that consume too much RAM and to limit the bandwidth for the resources that are used the most.

Probably you work hard to get your website on the first page of Google or featured on digg. Probably you heard many stories about websites that fail when they get a huge amount of traffic in a short period, like when an article gets featured on digg. Ten of thousands of visitors coming right to your website will make it crash due to lack of resources.

You can prevent this by upgrading to a VPS solution where all resources you buy are yours and you are not sharing them.