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Being organized have important benefits to our work. It is proven by studies and you can experiment this instantly. You will notice that you are more efficient when you work organized.

Sometime, if you organize very well your work and know in every moment what you have to do can make you feel like a robot, who does only things he was programmed to and you might get bored and lose interest for what you do. Sometime is better to let a considerable amount of unorganized work so you won’t lose the focus.

In your work you have to deal with a lot of other things that can get you confused and have a hard time handling. For example: receipts, business cards and other paper work. Have you ever taught to organize the secondary things you do in your work ? I have the solution fot you.

You can use an online service to keep all paper work organized so you know what bills you paid and what you didn’t, who you talked to at the last conference you was, and you can also keep a calendar with your upcoming events.

The online service i talk about is Tieqmo they can keep track of all you paper work and they are providing an excellent service and good support.

Their services cover:

  • Receipts handling
  • Calendar with your upcoming events and meetings
  • Business cards manager
  • Memo notes, shopping lists, quick thoughts

More, if you join now you can get into Tieqmo contest where you can win great prizes. All you have to do is to sign-up for a premium plan which starts from 7.95$.

The prizes are as follows:

  1. DACIA DUSTER 4×4 LAUREATE (worth 22000 USD)
  2. 2000 USD
  3. 1000 USD

More info at the contest page.

If you get the things that you don’t like to do organized you will have more time to spend for the things you care and you like to do.

DISCLAIMER: This post does not contain affiliate links and it is not a sponsored post. I want to share with you a great service provided by some friend of mine.