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The community is the best place where to search for help. This is a fact. If you are looking for the best answers you can get, the Facebook or Twitter community is not the place. They are well intended people but this don’t help when you need a qualified answer.

Niche communities are the best way to go. Forums, Blogs, etc.

I spend a lot of time on wordpress related forums, but this don’t mean i learn something with every minute spent there. I spend a lot of time helping and answering to other members. When i really want to know something i do a search on google, there is a great chance i get the answer i need. But that is not always the case.

There are times when i don’t find an answer to my question. This don’t mean that the answer is not available on the web, but maybe i can’t find it because the lack of organisation of information of the web.

Search is also time consuming so when you need to act fast, searching may not be the best solution.

Recently, when i have a question that i can’t find the answer in less than 3 minutes, i ask the experts. Where ? I found this great place which is working same as an q&a community ( like yahoo answers, quora ) but for a specific topic: wordpress.

So, don’t wait anymore and bookmark this link: WordPress questions and answers.