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How many times you wanted to start your own Digg ? In case you don’t know digg is a social bookmarking website: Stories are submitted and others vote for stories they like. When a story reach a number of votes it gets promoted to the front page.

It is widely known that if you get on digg front page you receive tons of visitors ? Where are these visitors from ? They like stories recommended by others, filtered. If they are so popular, why not starting a social bookmarking website for a topic that you like for your own ? And why not using your favourite CMS: WordPress!

Is this possible ? Yes, with wordpress everything is possible. But i’m sure you didn’t wanted this answer when you asked. YES! It is very simple to start a social bookmarking website with wordpress. You don’t require any advanced skills, you only need a WordPress Template, a theme that is built for social bookmarking.

Where to find one ? You don’t have to search, it is right here. Nominate for wordpress is a template designed to empower wordpress with social bookmarking functionality.

Maybe you heard of pligg. With pligg you can also build a social bookmarking plugin the disadvantages are that it is hard to customize it, lacks security, etc. You already love wordpress and having this functionality right into it is a great plus.

If you want a quick preview check WpVote. It is built with Nominate theme, full ajax control, good interface. So wait no more and start accomplish your dream to start a social bookmarking website that stands out of the crowd. Wnat to give it a try ? Get Nominate right now.

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