Wiki websites are built to serve for help and support for a product or service, or to make an online database on a certain topic. Wiki were very popular few years ago when a lot of wiki websites were appeared, trying to be a smaller wikipedia to cover a subject. It was a result of the popularity of wikipedia itself.

The wiki websites are based on wikimedia cms, which is very good at maintaining a wiki website but there is not many things you can do with.

Now you can build a wiki website with your favourite cms: WordPress. The Wiki Base theme is made available by templatic and it offers an environment to post the help and knowledge database for a product or service you already have.

The design is nto too similar with the wikimedia one, but the functionality is right. It comes in different color schemes that you can customize in your administration panel. What it is great is that the things are easy to set-up because the wiki content style is similar with WordPress style: articles, categories and maybe tags.

Here is a preview of Wiki Base wordpress theme: