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The worst moment for an affiliate marketer

As an affiliate marketer, you face many problems because you are not in control of what you sell. You can’t control the way the products is sold and handled. Merchants usually promote the products trough different channels and you will lose commissions because the buyer was also referred by another affiliate or trough another campaign. […]

How to get more value from your RSS feed

Some people are opening every website they like to read the latest articles, but most readers will want to receive all posts from blogs they like directly inside their favorite RSS feed reader. When someone reads your content from a Feed reader ( such as Google Reader ), he will see only your content and […]

20 Most Popular WordPress Plugins – Infographic

An image is worth a thousand of words. How many words an infographic is worth ? Well, that depends on the amount of information on it. We would like to make a step ahead and try to bring some of the content we create into images. On the begining, our friends at Conosco created a […]

WordPress 3.3 Sonny released

The latest version of WordPress has been released. Unfortunately for normal users there are not many improvements, except a drag and drop image uploader and some UI improvements that is targeting the new users so they can understand faster what WordPress is up to. There are many improvements on the code end side, with many […]

How to write content that attract search engine traffic

ScribeSEO recently released a free SEO report that will tell us how to write great content for search engines. While you don’t have to forget that you write for people, you can still follow some guidelines that will make search engines to love your website. For who don’t know, ScribeSEO is developing a great wordpress […]

Excessive Copyright

Now whenever you create something important or good, naturally you want that something to be recognized by people as being YOURS. That is when you place a copyright or something similar in it. I am not against that. Personally, I encourage it. Take pride in your work and let the others know it belongs to […]

Website Promotional Tools

There are numerous search engine optimization programs and services being offered in the online market today but what is considered to be the best ones out there? Deciding which one is very much debatable and can actually be based on one’s personal preference but there are a number of people that dabble in web design […]

Top WordPress Security Plugins

Although WordPress is known for its security, it never hurts to add additional security measures to your site, not only for your safety but for the safety of your readers whether it may be email address protection or firewall protection. WordPress Security Scan is a plugin that scans WordPress installation for vulnerabilities in security and […]

How to Create a Money-Making Niche Product

With a lot of people now using the internet worldwide, more and more people are also getting the chance to earn money online. Yes, the internet is no longer just restricted for entertainment purposes. In this generation, is now more used in different business. This is because a lot of people are now doing real good business online. […]

Don’t miss World’s Largest Social Media Conference

If you want to be successful online just reading blogs and posting good content is not enough. You need a place where you learn directly from other successful people and where to build friendships with other players in your field. Blogword is organizing on 14-16 October the World’s Largest Social Media Conference.