Now whenever you create something important or good, naturally you want that something to be recognized by people as being YOURS. That is when you place a copyright or something similar in it.

I am not against that. Personally, I encourage it. Take pride in your work and let the others know it belongs to YOU.

However, don’t place copyrights that will crash everything if you touch it.

As I said before, this copyright thing is very useful and good (most of the times).

However, in some cases, that copyright is more encrypted than the Matrix. I mean, if you have a small website, with no real public use at all, do you even care if there is a copyright or not ? So, naturally, you delete it, not really knowing if it mattered or not. After you delete you realize your website has stopped working. You then see it had some encrypted things that nobody could understand, and upon decrypting them you find a certain hidden DIE around there.

What’s the point to all that ?!?

I mean, I myself have encountered on several occasions encrypted text WITHIN an encrypted text (Inception got nothing on that).

My point being, if it’s not really that important, don’t make it sound as important as the Holy Grail or something …

And if it is as important as you think and it really shouldn’t be deleted, MAKE IT UN-DELETABLE.