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The nature of humans is in a continuous searching for convenience. We buy stuff online because we don’t want to go to the store, we use the TV remote, etc. We like to be comfortable. In business we don’t call it convenience, instead we call it efficiency. The real problem is where we draw the line between convenience and efficiency.

For example most people are trying to figure out if it is better to start a self hosted blog or a blogspot blog. The decision you take don’t mean you are more convenient or more efficient. The solution is how you think this.

The convenient will say: “If i go with blogspot i don’t have to take care of all that domain and hosting related problems that blows my head”, while the efficient business man will say: “It is better to start with blogspot so i can focus on content and marketing instead of taking care of other stuff right now and i can move later when i have things settled down”.

The same answer but different thinking. The problem with blogspot and self-hosted wordpress has been discussed over and over all over the web. There is not an universal “best choice”. The best choice is the one that fits you best.

Something is knocking at our doors that will drive blogosphere into a long debate is the new integration of WordPress MU in wordpress 3.0 .

Many bloggers have more than one blog and they will ask at least once the question: “it is better to use the same installation for more blogs”. The answer of this question is not universal, but has a lot to do with convenience and effectiveness.

While most convenience users will use the same installation for more blogs, sooner or later, this is not the best options for all. If you think at your blogs as business you may want at any time to see which is its value and if you sell right now how much you can get. In this situation you may have some problems selling it, because you may have to spend much more time to separate the blog from the main installation than to install a new wordpress blog.

On the other side, if you run 50+ blogs there can be no gain installing wordpress 50 times, but you can also think that the time you install wordpress ( under 5 minutes ) is nothing compared to the time to tweak the template, to customize the seo aspects, to write about and other pages, to create profiles for analytics accounts, etc.

It may be a tough decision but if you think right you can get the best solution that fits you. Remember: think ahead and think about efficiency.

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