Yahoo messenger was very popular in the last several years in many areas. While other services like MSN, ICQ are failing in front of Google or Facebook chat, yahoo messenger is still growing despite of huge competition.

Probably the next big thing in the industry is the Facebook chat, but let’s be honest, it is far from what can be called a good chat service. But there is a better option. Chat with your facebook contacts using Chit Chat.

Facebook is a great way to stay in touch with friends. It’s popularity has risen in the past year and it knocked to the ground any possible competitor. Today, everyone seems to use facebook.

Sharing stuff is great, but just posting a message is not enough. The heart of communication is chat, and Facebook provide a very poor chat system.

Few days ago a friend of mine recommended me to try a Desktop Facebook chat application that let me to chat with Facebook contacts in a better environment. The app is called: ChitChat and the interface looks very similar to Yahoo messenger, an interface that I am very familiar with and this is a great advanced.

It happens to have contacts in Facebook that I would like to chat with but it is very hard due to the weak Facebook Messaging system. This app is a great tool for everyone who like to chat and all their friends are on facebook. You can get the app from the official website.