With WordPress growing in popularity it is the best option for anyone who want to start a website. Even if you want to put up the website to display some info about a company, a service, a product, or you want to estabilish a blog or a website online, you first option is WordPress.

There are tons of plugins that can help you to achieve the look and feel that you want. If you are 100% sure that you will go with wordpress, any decision you make from that point should be related to wordpress. After you decided to start your own website and you brought the domain, next step is to get a hosting

Because it is so popular, most hosting providers have hosting plans dedicated to wordpress. There are also web hosting companies that offer exclusively hosting for wordpress. That doesn’t mean that you can’t use that hosting account for other scripts or software, it is called that way because it is dedicated for wordpress.

WordPress don’t need any special environment to run, just a Windows or Linux based hosting with php and mysql support will do it.

Why should you choose a wordpress hosting plan ? Well, running a CMS like wordpress will need more processing power than having a static html page. A dedicated wordpress hosting mean that there is more processing power available so the content can be managed and distributed as fast as possible.

People are asking me if a specific hosting plan can work for wordpress, and what should they choose. 99% of hosting plans around the world can host wordpress very well, but some of them ( for example godaddy ), trying to give you the lowest processing power as possible to be able to give you the lowest price in the world, they share the same processor for too many users. This is a real issue because if the processor is always at 100%, when a visitor that try to view a page on your wordpress website will have to wait several seconds until the page is prepared for him. This will not happen with a hosting plan dedicated for wordpress, where they do everything possible to ensure that wordpress is loading as fast as possible.

A WordPress dedicated hosting company is WP Web Host. They provide shared, vps and dedicated server at low prices. These servers need more processing power, but they can come up with a good price because they can lower other features that are not constantly needed by wordpress and because they can optiimze the servers with a specific purpose in mind.