If you are a person that want to know all the details and do a lot of thinking and comparison until you decide which product to buy, then you are likely to miss some important aspects.

I know because I’m that person. When I want to buy a computer, or a car, or anything I want to gather all the facts and to hudge mathematically. I write down all features for the products I put in the comparison, and assign an amplification to each, to match the importance of each feature.

It is perfectly right to compare and try to get the best from the market, but it is easy for me to get fooled by those features that don’t matter but the seller tries to make me thing they are important, even if it is hostgator, bluehost or godaddy. You can’t expect them to tell you what it is vital, but what it is popular.

When you want to acquire a web hosting account, you may look at the features lists of all hosting accounts, and prices for each. But most of the features listed there are non-relevant. Why do you need Magenta and Shopping cart integration when they are coming with any e-commerce software you use. There is a huge list of features popping out but there are only few that count. Even the disk space you are offered is not interesting, because even the lowest disk space that is being offered to you is much more than you actually need for your website.

To make a good comparision and decision you need to know which features are important and how impoartant they are. But most important features are not told to you by the seller, you have to digg to find what it is behind the scene.

Maybe more important than calculating and analyzing the features is to read some good and fair reviews. Reading the best web host review may be the way to make the best choice that you will not regret.