If you don’t know the man in the image, he is Jeremy Schoemaker a top earner website owner. In This image he holds the biggest adsense check received ever.

How he realized to earn so much ? He worked hard to build authority for his website and to make people to follow him. Now, he want to teach you what he knows trough a series of videos available in the Shoemoney System.

Shoemoney System is an online learning community where people who want to succeed online join, learn and share.

If you join you will get access to a big series of videos created by Jeremy to show you what you have to do to get your website up in rankings and how to get the most out of the traffic.

The hardest part when you are trying to build your website is how to get more traffic. If you don’t have visitors you can’t do anything. There is not a secret formula for traffic generation, if someone tells you that you have to enter your url somewhere and huge amount of traffic will come he lies. There is no such thing as automated traffic. You need real traffic.

Once you are able to get the traffic to your website you want to do something to keep it on your website and make visitors to come back ( at least a part of them ). Let’s say your website gets 3000 unique visitors every day, but if you don’t try to make them to come back, they will not. A returning visitor already know what you want to give him so there is a higher chance that he will comment, share, click an ad or purchase something from you. A returning visitors is more valuable, but you have to do something to make people to return.

After you are established with your traffic and your website is popular, the hardest part comes in. How to monetize your website. This is the part where most website owners fails. They work hard to get visitors to their websites but they earn only few dollars a day. At that point they will say that this business is not worth the time spent to run so they quit. Before you quit you should know that there are a lot of ways to improve your website income. You should open your mind and hear what others have to say.

Shomoney System videos covers all of these aspects. So if you are really into online business you should start learning how to do things and not to wait for money to come from the sky.

What you have to do is to sign-up for Shoemoney System.