In recent days blogging is a common factor. Everyone started to create a site and do their own blog. But there is a big question does this blogging return money. Now many blogger started to earn money doing blogging. But everyone doesn’t know this opportunity of internet marketing. So, one must know how to make one’s own blog as a cash generator.

Steps of making blog as a cash generator:

Advertising is a very popular way to make your blog payable. This only gives review of the product but you are not the provider of the product. The readers only come to know from your blog the offers of the product. Another way of blogging income is inserting Google account in your blog. It will make your blog payable. Because, Google will pay you on your Google account. Another way is giving ads in side panel in your blog. During blogging you will have a side panel reserved for you to give ads. There you can advertise any product and get some money from the provider of the product. These products can be anything like software product, internet goods and so on. Anyone can also earn through eBooks and any physical products.

Increasing the interest of the viewers:

You can earn more by making your blog interesting to the viewers. You can use audio option in your blog which will attract the blog viewers a lot. Another way to inserting some small game playing opportunity or some wonderful images. These types of things increase the attraction of the viewers and make them interested to visit your blog. And another thing is to make your blog updated always. This will make interest of the viewer to visit your blog and see the recent and updated news.

Some Dangerous during earning:

But during this blogging income you must be very careful form the Black Hat Hackers. They are the bad guy who can eat your every online income as they are the best hackers. Another problem is anyone can do this hacking because there are many hacking tips available in the web. So, one must be very careful during this blogging income. You must make your blog account safe form that hacker. For doing this it’s safe to open a blog account under any safe site.

Positive sites of blogging:

Blogging is a way to express your words to the outside world. Many visitors will visit your blog and view your words. So this is a way to share your own words. This also can make some money for you. And it’s also a way to make people who are interested in viewing blog updated. It will make money for you staying in home and expressing your feelings. So blogging is a good manner. Anyone can do this job and make money staying at home. So doing the above one can easily have some money staying at home and it’s not a hard task to do. So everyone must be interested in doing this blogging job.

Author Bio:

The author of this article has many hobbies and interests. As well being a keen blogger and article writer for many sites, he has also recently created a site focusing on Black Hat Hackers. The site is constantly being updated and has articles on hacking tips.