Your personality should always shine through on your blog. In fact, personality is what sets you apart from everyone else. If you don’t have it, you’re just another faceless blogger out there vying for the hopelessly short attention span of visitors who are really looking for authoritative and accurate information so that they can solve their own personal problems and challenges and get on with their life.


Your Design


The design of your site is one way to let your personality shine through. Site design is often something that most bloggers just hand over to a designer. Don’t do this. Don’t “hope for the best.” Designers are technically proficient, but they don’t always understand marketing. They also aren’t you, and they don’t understand your market, so the types of things they would do on their own site aren’t necessarily what you want for your site.


  • MinimalistMost sites could benefit from being more minimalist. Contrary to what you might think, this allows you to inject more personality into your site. Instead of having a million different banners, a confusing navigation menu, and an incomprehensible layout, you should strive for a simplistic layout that allows your readers to focus on your design. The fewer elements you distract them with, the better.


  • Make Use of White SpaceWhite space is underrated. Most sites need more of it. The biggest design feature on your site should be your logo and your navigation menu. Why? Because that’s going to tell people who you are, and how to get around while they’re visiting your place. Again, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that “more is better.” More is not better – in fact, most of the time, it’s just distracting.


  • Add An “Accent”If you have a value proposition, and you should, this is the other design feature you should incorporate into your site. For example, if your blog is about auto racing, you might have a schedule of events incorporated right into your sidebar. The schedule might detail where the next racing event is, and you might even want to tell your readers where you’ll be just in case they want to meet up with you in person.




You’ve heard the old saying, “content is king,” a million times. It’s true. What you don’t often hear people talk about is the importance of personality. Without a voice, your content is going to be pretty boring. The good news is that this isn’t all that difficult to fix. When you write, write in the same manner as you speak.


Will it come off as being very casual? You bet it will – and that’s what will draw readers in. Most users are pretty savvy these days. They tend not to trust things that are or appear to be advertising. Even research studies put people to sleep or on edge (depending on who funded the study). A personal account is very different, however. If you have expertise in your niche, and you speak as though you and your reader are just hanging out at a bar shooting the breeze, it’s going to be a lot more genuine and inviting than writing in the third-person or even a “stiff” second-person narrative.


Bobby Campbell has recently self-taught herself WordPress and is becoming an active blogger. Her articles mainly appear on writing blogs. For faster internet in your area, visit the link.