Having a multilingual blog or website is a decision that many website owners have to make. If you don’t live in an english speaking country then your native language differs from english and you ask yourself what language to write your website in.

If you want to go global, the answer is definately english, but what to do with your friends that face difficulties reading your website and you may rely on them to help you promote the website.

There are many offline methods to promote your online website, but if you live in a country where English is not a native language then you have to take care of the other language too. You go to conferences locally, events and you want to promote your website.

The best thing to do is to choose to have both languages on your website. How hard it is ? Well, you have to write the content in both languages, this takes a lot of time, but if you can do it or if you don’t have a very high amount of content then you go straight to technical issues.

If you website is built on wordpress then you are almost done. There are many language plugins that can do the work for you.

The best multilingual plugin i’ve found is qtranslate. It is very simple and your users can switch language with one click.

When the content is added you are asked to write the text in both languages. Let’s say you have english and spanish. If you don’t write the spanish version of a page or post that element is not visible in the spanish version, very simple.

You will have a main language ( english probably ) and visitors who want to see the spanish version will click a link and they will be redirected to the spanish version which will have urls formed with sitename.com/es/category/post  . The language prefix is added to your url so when you want to show the spanish version to someone you just give him the spanish url.

Once a visitor clicked the link to switch language, the website remembers trough a cookie what language he prefers. When he will visit the second time he will be redirected to the language of his preference.