What is hacking?

The term hacking mean steal and recover some data from others computer as well as from web or some other device. In the present world there are available hackers all over the world to hack the important documents and crush down pc within moments. The main purpose of them is to steal secured data from others pc is for earning money. The short way of earring money and also to harm is the objects of hacker. Though the world is progressing day by day, but the hackers still slow down the world by hacking.

Different ways of hacking

The major way of hacking in present age is by malware or virus. This cause an unusual entry in the computer without any other’s knowledge and cracks the software as well as the data of saved in the computer. The malwares are programmed in such a module that it can enter with other software in the pc and thus mixed up with the operating system and then steal the data from the computer. On the other hand the web hackers perform SQL injections and DOS attack for hacking the websites.

How to prevent hacking

The easiest way to prevent the hacking is the protecting up the pc by activating firewall. The firewall protects the pc from unusual entry of suspected program. The other good way to prevent the hackers is installing the antivirus. The antivirus helps the pc from running unwanted program and unwanted malware in the pc. Installing of antimalware’s can also cause prevent of unwanted programs like Trojan, auto run viruses etc. These are the ways to prevent the hackers from being hack the PC and web sites.

Prevent of email hacking

The main cause of email hacking is phishing or log in to some unsecure site with this email. The overview of the hacker is the use of the email address in different site. Wither hack to email address is done other sites that’s signed up with this also can be asked easily. Such as PAYPAL, MONEYBOOKERS, FACEBOOK etc. these sites are concerned with email address. The major tips of prevention of the mail hack are creating e dynamic and larger and complicated passwords. And also the security questions are set to increase the strength and also recovering the mail address. The final tips is to avoid log in to suspicious or unknown sites with the email address.

Password hacking

Password hacking is the process of memorizing and recovery data and password that are stored in other computer. The main purpose of the hacking of password is for personal purpose if the password is forgotten. Then it becomes impossible to handle the data and other program of the computer. The other purpose is illegal purpose. It’s for stealing the data and other processing from other’s computer such as bank statement, account, important documents of any organizations etc. the most common use of password hacking is in illegal purpose. Thus the hacking is not authorized all over the world as well as in developed countries. Password hackers are demanded in the world for their outstanding performance in hacking.

Hacking tips

The word hacking is introduced to everyone as illegal. One of the hacking tips is edit of the registry system of the operating system of PC. So that any major change can be done in the pc as well as it can be hacked. By programming of different software there might be possible to enter to another PC for recover of locked data and also recover of passwords. Though we are familiar with the word with bad use but we should take it to do in legal ways.