In a full of spam Internet and when there are already millions of blogs created it is very hard to promote a new website. There are not many places where you can submit your link to, but if you read the right books you will find out what you need to do in order to get on the first page of google.

Basically, you have to start to get involved in communities, forums, comment on other blogs and you can get some visitors and links so you can grow your website traffic. But what to do when you want to promote a local website ( a website that is only dedicated to users in a specific country ) ? You won’t find a book that will describe how you can get links for a website in Finland, or a website in Brazil, or UK. It is easy to find top forums in the world so you can make an account and leave your website in signature, or to find a big list of best directories and start submitting, but you won’t find those list for every country in the world.

Having a local website means less potential traffic, but in the same time there is a much lower competition because you won’t fight against every new blogspot or wordpress created blog. Other benefit of having a local website is targeting. An advertiser will be more likely to spend money on your website if he knows that all visitors are from the country he sells in, compared to advertise on a website where only a part of the visitors are in the target.

To promote a local website you have to think about the same techniques used for a global website, but to apply them locally. For example if you have a webmaster website and you want to promote it in UK, there is no reason to try to promote it on a global webmasters forum, instead you can find a good UK Webmaster SEO Forum.  Same, if you want to submit your UK based website to some directories you shoud start searching for a UK Webmaster Directory. There is a long debate if directories are still worth submitting, but if you do some research you will find out that locally, submitting to directories is still a viable technique, because they are not spammed with all websites on the internet, they are targeted once locally and then topically.

Summing it up, you have to find local based places where to submit your website and to get involved in the local communities. People appreciate targeted links, if they are looking for a website and you provide it it will be considered a natural way to link building, and a local website is even more targeted.