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The amount of traffic your receive will depend on the quality of the article you write. If you are at the beginning of your blog experience, guest blogging will help you to improve your writing and how you can satisfy the readers.

Guest posting is a time consuming strategy, you have to spend 20-30 minutes to write a good guest post for another blog in exchange of a link, but the value you receive is fair enough. You can pay 30-100$ to have a blog post with a link to your website on a decent blog. Links within the blog posts are valuable for the search engines and no one will be upset by the link placed there, because you earned it, you provided valuable content.

How you can win money ? Getting involved in a guest post contest. Everything is about quality, if you provided a great post, you have a very high chance to win a good prize.

Here is a good guest blog contest where you can win over 4500$ in prizes. It will be 1000$ for the best article and more than 20 bloggers will win smaller prizes.

What you have to do is to submit a gust post about Traffic Generation at ComLuv, and after it is approved you have to start to promote it torugh social media and other known ways by you.