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When you start a blog you have to make a plan. A plan contain milestones and strategies used to reach the milestones. The milestones should be based on your capabilities.

Traffic is the most important for you blog. If you don’t have anyone to see your articles means you are wasting time on writing them. Some well known strategies for blogs to get visitors are: commenting on other blogs, social networking, get in touch with other bloggers, guest posting. They will all bring you traffic.

What about search engines ? Probably you already get traffic from search engines, but you are not too impressed. Your traffic comes from very specific queries that are searched once per month. The truth is that the more keywords a search query have the more targeted is that visitor.

Fair enough, but are you happy with the numbers ? You have 2 visitors/day for every article. You have 100 articles and you get 200 unique target visitors every day. The best conclusion you can make is to write more. When you have 1000 articles you will get 2000 visitors every day. The numbers look very well right now and you want just to start writing the 1000 articles.

This is a part of SEO. SEO achieved trough content. But, think a little about another approach of SEO. What if you could get on the first page for a popular keyword ? A popular keyword can have 300 000 searches every month. What if you can snap 50 000 visitors every month for a single keyword ?

The benefits of having a significant traffic from a single keyword is that you can give a special threat to them. The question is: is seo worth it for blogs ? what you should aim for; what you have to do in order to achieve that; is the competition of the keyword too high ?

You don’t have to spend day and nights and try to get link by link by submitting to directories or creating spammy links, follow these easy steps to optimize your incoming links:

1. Keyword Research

Do some keyword research to select few keywords related to your blog content. To to this you can use  Google Keyword Selector Tool.

Once you have the keywords you want to use try to create some phrases to describe your blog with these keywords in it. You will find this very easy to do, as your keywords are already related to your blog content. The benefit of people finding you for a popular keyword that describes your business is great. Let’s say you have a blog about kitchen decoration and you select the keyword “kitchen decoration” to optimize for. When others in niches related to yours want to write articles, they will love to give links to something more specific. Everyone that will write articles about house decoration and they refer to kitchen decoration, they will do a search on google to find a blog who talks exclusively about this. What they put in the search box ? keyword decoration.

2. Basic On Page Optimization

So you have a goal on getting your website in the first page of a popular keyword. What to do next ? Change your blog headline to match the main keyword, from now on people will know and talk about you using YourBrand kitchen decorations. This can be also called a tagline. You have to clearly position yourself on the web. If you can’t categorize yourself no one will do. That means you are lost in the space.

3. Focus your incoming links to your main keyword

When you have the occasion to put a link somewhere, from now one use your brand plus the headline, main keyword. You don’t need to be a link building guru to get yourself on the first page for a popular keyword. You already have a big number of links pointing to your site. Maximize the link potential by using one or more keyphrases.

Some people who thought at this before already have the url with the keywords in it. That can be a good advantage if you don’t spam. Having the domain “TheBestMoneyMakerSoftwareEver.com” is a keyword spam, but having DailyBlogTips.com is not. It simply describes the business precisely, and that can be a great advantage over competitors. These days is hard to find such domain names, if you can’t find what your looking for don’t try to use hyphens, misspellings, numbers or other stuff that can make it hard to remember. Just go for something crazy that sounds familiar. For ideas you can go to Wordoid and you will get words that sound well in enghish.


Summing it up, what you have to do is to focus your links to the main keyword. On your facebook profile, on your twitter account, on forums, or anywhere you have the possibility to add your link just use YourBrand Main Keyword as anchor. This is not spam, you just tell to people who see the link what it is about. Another advantage is that your site will be perceived in this way and they will use the same words when describing your website. In the end Google will understand what is your site about and how important it is in your niche so it will rank higher.

Everything is natural, you don’t have to go and hunt links, just focus them.