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E-commerce is very popular these days. Every store want to sell products online but most of them are held back because they don’t want to deal with technical stuff.

The truth is that if you try to do the things old-school way you will find out how much work is involved in building an e-commerce website.

I have good news for you: there is an easy way too. I know you think now: “There is no easy way to make money online”, or “It have to be hard to worth it”. While what you say is true, setting up an e-commerce website don’t mean you will get rich fast. Selling stuff online means to have a good product, a lot of visitors coming to your website, advertising, marketing. What i will say is: Save time on building the e-commerce site and invest it in marketing and advertising.

So, what’s the easy way ? Set up a wordpress website and install WP¬†E-commerce plugin. That’s pretty much you have to do for the technical part. After installation you can make the desired changes to settings, such as payment options, display options, paypal ID.

Add your products and you’re pretty much done. You may want to make some design customizations but believe me, this is the fun part.