In the first quarter of 2013, tablets and smartphones sold more units than desktop and laptops. 20 years ago, we played all the social games in real life: chess, cards, poker, blackjack, etc. 10 years ago, all the social games moved to our computers. Starting with zone ( microsoft owned game rooms ), continuing with yahoo games provided us great support to play any social game with our friends or with anyone in the world.


Today, we are moving from computers and laptops to smartphones. We can play games when we wait for the bus, or when we wait to meet with a friend, or in any other moments when we are unable to to something else. This will definitely led us to play more and more.

If you wonder where is the social gaming and casino industry right now, you must know that most casinos that were available on the computer few years ago, are now available on Apple iPhone or Google Android. These are two of the most used smartphone and tablet operating systems. Naturally, people want comfort. If we remember the good days when we played poker or chess with our friends on a bench or something, we used to play the whole day. We was unable to realize that time was passing so fast.


Well, now, if we start playing games on the computer it is very hard to stop. So, why to play poker whole day on a chair with the hands hanging, when you can play it in the bed or on the couch ? We have the phones everywhere. This is another great advantage of mobile phones or tablets over classic desktops. Even if the computer software who allow us to play will recognize us on different devices, it is much better to play it on the same device. We have the smartphone with us at work so we can play a quick game in the lunch break, we have our smartphones when we wake up, we have our phones when we go out.


Among us there are many conservators, who says that tablet games and apps will never replace desktop games, but since the tablet and smartphone market is getting bigger and bigger, I can see only one result: mobile games will be more popular. For example, if you want to play casino games on your iPad, here is a great place to start: .