Recently I was in the place to build a portfolio website for a friend. He told me he want to impress his customers with a different type of website that can show it’s portfolio, his work done in past years.

I’ve remembered a very nice theme that i stumbled previous days. What i liked the most is that the thinking behind the theme was different.

When you want to make a wordpress theme you are tempted to think the layout for the current structure: posts, pages, sidebar, etc. But the best way to do great work is to start it from elsewhere.

Look around you, find objects that looks good and get your inspiration from outside. The guys at elegantthemes looked at a business card and they had a spark. They wanted to make it a wordpress theme.

What they have done is a wordpress theme that looks exactly like a business card. Yes, a business card that you give to others so they know where you work and how to contact you. But this theme is not just a simple image, you can show your portfolio, your team members, testimonials and anything you want.

The theme is called Business Card Theme. Here is a preview:

You can get Business Card Theme from Elegant Themes. Show to the world what you can do.