Working from home blogging, running websites, or even working as a freelancer is a far better way than having a fixed job, but it is not easy.

If you go to your job every day you don’t have to worry about too many things, you have a fixed schedule and you forget about everything when the time to go home comes. On the opposite, working from home is not that easy, you can easily forget when you should work or when you rest. You can do nothing all the day and when evening comes and you realised you did nothing you get worried, stressed, and you will stay up until later to finish things.

Working for home is not so easy as it seems. It is not like you stay all the day and you do nothing. You have a lot of things to do. More, you can get demotivated very easy, or your general problems can cause you a block and a continuous stress.

There are a ton of decisions to make for your life, you may have a family, kids, you have a house to maintain. Everyday new issues are coming up, somethings fails and you have to repair, you have to go to shopping, buy gifts and many other things a man should do in his day-to-day life. The real problem is that you are in control when to work, when to deal with your life issues and when to relax.

You have to decide what is more important to do in every moment of your life. No one helps you. You can’t have excuses like: “I’m sorry I can’t help you because I’m at Work Friday”. Every decision you make is yours and you can decide: “It is better for me to do this instead of that”. But many people fail to take decisions. The truth is that if you take a lot of decision there is a doubt associated with each and a lot of doubt can cause you to refuse to take decisions again. It is much better to be told what to do, isn’t it ?. Well, for my personal point of view, I hate to be told what to do, but the decision doubt also affects me.

What I’ve tried in the last few months and it works like hell for my personal life and business life? I focus on fixing problems and I reserve less time to take decisions. I reserve one day per week to fix all the problems and issues. This day is usually Monday ? Why ? Because if I do all the things monday I will be motivated and focused all the week, because I know  I fixed all problems for that week. When a new issue appears, I not it down on my smartphone. Monday morning I wake up knowing that I will fix a lot of things. The real gain is that I don’t have to be distracted from my work every time a new issue appears, or to think at any moment that I should better fix that thing instead of working. The more unresolved issues you have the more stress you have to handle. If an issue comes to me another day I’m relaxed because I know i will fix that on Monday.

It is monday, and I resolved all the issues ahead of schedule, and I’m happy and motivated for the rest of the week. Same happened last few weeks. Working from home is not so easy, but I can figure out how to get it working in my advantage.