There are many apps and other resources that can help users spend money on your site. By using these apps on your site, you should begin to see more of a profit since they make it easier for users to buy things. A couple of the best examples of these services are profiled below.

PayPal: The Most Popular Money Making Web App

PayPal is one of the most popular and easy to use ways for small businesses to accept various forms of payments. Subscribing to PayPal will allow customers to pay you in multiple methods and currencies. You’ll even be able to accept checks just by taking a picture of them with your mobile device, and will be given a free credit card swiper for your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Over 100 million people around the globe are already using PayPal. Just imagine being able to open easy spending on your website to over 100 million people, plus making your face-to-face transactions that much easier. PayPal’s business plans range from absolutely free to $30 a month, depending on which option you choose, and while it’s not a full servie banking account, like a business free checking account, it’s one of the most affordable ways to process merchant payments..

MobiCart: An App that Makes Apps

MobiCart can make your e-commerce store compatible for iOS and Android markets by turning it into an m-commerce app. This will instantly open your store up to many new customers, or allow current customers to access your site in a new, convenient way. Mobile shopping is a booming new industry. In fact, over 18% of last year’s Christmas shopping was done through mobile shopping apps. Currently, over ten thousand companies are already successfully using MobiCart to reach an expanded customer base. MobiCart also lets you offer your mobile store in just about any language or currency. There is truly no easier way to break into the mobile shopping market than by using MobiCart.

Expand Your Horizons

The focus of these apps is to expand the horizons of your business so you can reach more customers or more customers are comfortable using your site. For example, PayPal is a trusted resource that many people are comfortable using to pay for items online. By seeing the Paypal logo, it’s more likely that someone is going to pay using credit cards with interest.┬áSome people may not be comfortable paying for items online without the comfortable PayPal interface. Do not let these customers get away.
Also, do not be the last to get into the mobile market. The earlier you get into the mobile market, the more of an impact your store will have. Both of these services are a great way to increase your profits.