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If you want to do a thing the right way, but you don’t know where to start you should learn from others who are already successful in the area.

Right now you want to start a blog, you need good content, promotion and a good theme. The content depends a lot on what you are writing about and who are you writing for. The promotion also depends on your niche. The theme is the one who can work the same for many niches.

The theme should assure that the text can be read easily, the navigation is good, the search engine optimization is ok. These are some aspects of the theme.

The problem is that when you choose a good theme you have to take care of every of these areas, and this means you need solid knowledge in these fields. That can be very hard to accomplish, and you may need some friends to help you in the areas you don’t have knowledge.

But why not to take the simple way ? Look at top blogs that threat your subject or other subjects that are interesting for the same users. It is not stealing, it is “watch and learn“. Let me give you an example, if you are a baker and you see on TV a recipe and you decide to use it, can be called stealing ? I can call it learning.

These being said, when you start looking for a theme all they say that it is the best, SEO optimized, etc. You can’t trust what the developer say, he will say anything for you to use that theme. On the other side, if you analyze top blogs you will find out that most have custom themes, optimized so they will be ok with reading, seo and navigation.

What to do now ? Well, search on forums for discussions about wordpress themes and you will find reviews about good themes or bad themes, and reasons why people think they are good or not.

To save you the time searching on forums for discussions you can still find some top blogs that don’t use custom themes and they are willing to share with you what they use. I will give you only one blog: Copyblogger . He is a top blogger and more, he teach others how to blog. He is using Thesis theme. The Thesis template is good and highly optimized for useability and SEO. So get the theme, customize it and kick your blog up in the rankings.