There are some design or search trends you can choose to ignore. Google AMP is definitely not one of those trends. It is already having a significant impact on online marketing strategies across the globe. Its biggest impact is on SEO marketing strategies, but its influence can be felt elsewhere as well.

A Quick Introduction To Google AMP

Without going too far into the specifics, it is safe to say that Google AMP is all about going fast. It is a framework designed with the intent of delivering simple web pages to mobile devices at incredibly high speeds.

Web pages are designed using the Google AMP framework, which is a combination of AMP HTML, AMP JS, and a Google AMP Cache server. The end result is a web page that can load several times faster than the traditional page on a mobile device. There are some restrictions with the design, but these restrictions are there to cut away elements that slow down loading time and take away from the user experience.

Speed Improves Ad Views

The improved speed is going to have several interesting effects on your marketing campaign. One of those effects is that can potentially improve the overall number of ad views. How so?

Slower pages have a much higher abandonment rate. If someone abandons your web page before it finishes loading, then they are never going to see your advertisements and receive an impression. These pages load much faster, thus, they receive significantly higher page views. That is good in its own right and it also means that any advertisements on the page are going to receive more views as well.

There was some concern in the past how Google would support advertisements in the AMP framework without harming their speeds. They have recently confirmed that AMP will have full support for ads from ad servers of your choice. You will have full control over the placement and the same analytic tools you are familiar with to measure to their success. (

Speed Will Improve Page Ranking

There are two ways in the which the speed of AMP pages will benefit the page ranking. First, it is well known that page speed is a very important ranking metric. Faster pages will get better rankings. Thus, Google AMP is an obvious choice for page design in terms of SEO.

Second, Google has placed a lot of importance on mobile friendly web design as of late. Any site that can pass Google’s series of mobile friendly tests earns better rankings. Since AMP is designed specifically for boosting the speed of pages on mobile devices, it stands to reason that these pages will pass the tests and be considered “mobile friendly” according to Google.

Google AMP Carousel

Though the Google AMP Carousel may not be around forever, right now it is a great feature that is showcasing the AMP framework capabilities and giving those who have used the AMP framework an edge over the competition.

This new carousel will only feature news stories that are hosted on AMP-specific pages. The pages load extremely fast and then, the user can swipe over to a new story. It is a win-win situation for the publisher, as well as, the user.

Creating a news story using the AMP framework could affect your marketing strategy in a positive way. The carousel is placed above all of the other organic search results on Google. So even if your site is not yet dominating the organic SERPs, you can still gain significant visibility by relying on the AMP framework.

Future Benefits

As the feature is developed and improved further, there will certainly be more incentives to use it in your marketing campaign. There are already several ways in which the AMP framework has a positive effect on marketing strategies. That number is only going to increase as Google pushes for faster, more mobile-friendly web pages.

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