No matter where you go in life you face the possibility of being profiled.

These profiles determine how people will interact with you, how information is retained and sent to you and how you are essentially handled by companies and other people. In the real world humans are profiled using a number of different traits such as age, sex, personality and likes or dislikes.

In the cyber world those traits disappear completely and other factors are brought in such as adaptability, leadership, trendsetting, etc., which are used to determine the type of web-goer you are.

Here is an overview of the different types of web-goers out there in the cyber world. Each group is a profile for a different type of online personality.

The Trendsetter

Trendsetters are highly influential people. They are usually the most vocal of the groups online. Trendsetters usually have blogs, Internet radio shows and social media outlets that allow them to express their opinions and influence others to follow in their footsteps.

The Talker

Talkers, as their name suggests, love to talk. They will usually use email and social media outlets to talk about anything.

Unlike trendsetters, talkers are only talking and spreading their experience and knowledge, they are not trying to influence others or speak their mind.

The Researcher

Researchers use the Internet to gain and retain knowledge. When research web-goers use the Internet, they are usually seeking groups of like-minded individuals who can share knowledge with them or discuss interests.

Researchers are only gathering information and rarely look to spread it around or share their personal opinions.

The Relationship Seeker

The Internet is used by relationship seekers to form bonds amongst others. Relationship seekers will look to keep in touch with friends, family and co-workers via the Internet.

They will also usually frequent forums or blogs to interact with people. Even though relationship seekers are taking part in public areas of the Internet they are not broadcasting their opinions to anyone.

The Reach for the Stars User

The term “Reach for the Stars” refers to a relatively new group of individuals that are making their way in the Internet world. These people are usually so new that they do not know which category they fit into.

Most likely any reach for the stars user will gain skills and Internet habits that will cause them to transition out of this phase and move to another group such as relationship seeker, trendsetter or talker.

Essentials Only

The essentials only web-goer is the person that does only what they have to online. They might send an occasional email, surf some Internet stores but generally they do not have a huge Internet presence.

The essential only web-goer is resistant to try anything that might be considered new, such as social media outlets or downloading online survey software to gather insight on what people may want to see on their blog. Actually, the Essentials Only web-goer rarely ever has a blog to begin with.

Understanding what type of profile you fit into as a web-goer probably will not change your life. It will help you understand how your online habits play a major role in determining your cyber personality, and understanding other types of personalities in cyberland.