3D render of workers stacking boxes

Until 3 months ago, i used to build sites on normal HTML templates that i selected from the web.

First i made a header.php file, sidebar.php file, footer.php file, things were simple, until the SEO started to concern me. At that point i realized that is a bad idea to have the same title for all files so i switched to a complete file for each page.

It was a pain to change something to the site. I used to change things twice per year.

I needed a content management system for my websites. WordPress was a smart choice, simple, secure with great community around. I have access to a wide range of themes and plugins.

The move was not easy, i had to do some work. I had to take my normal templates and turn them into wordpress templates. I also needed to move the content, i had only few pages so it is not too much worry. I turned apps that i used there into wordpress plugins.

Things you have to do when moving for a flat site to wordpress:

  • Convert the template
  • Move content
  • Make plugins from your website tools
  • Install additional plugins

The advantages of using wordpress:

  • Awesome themes
  • Plugins for everything
  • Great community
  • You don’t have to code everything