A new version of wordpress has been released today. It is 3.0.3 and it is the third release after the big move to 3.0.

This version comes soon after the 3.0.2 version which was reported to have serious issues. This release is to fix the problems in the recent 3.0.2 release.

The problems in 3.0.2 release was with remote publishing. Probably 99% of the sited don’t use it. Remote publishing is used for very active blogs which post often very small articles trough e-mail or via FTP.

In most cases, remote publishing is used for automated posting, scripts are made to scrape the web and find posts related to a specific topic and then post to a specific blog with given credentials.

The issue was that Authors and Contributors were able to delete or edit posts they did not have permission to. This issue is fixed in 3.0.3.

The previous release, 3.0.2 was also for security fixes for previous version, the main issue was that Authors and Contributors could gain Administrator access level on websites running WordPress 3.0 or 3.0.1 .