The latest version of WordPress was recently released. Despite there are not so great new features, like we were used in previous versions of wordpress, the improvements were great in terms of speed and design.

The admin interface is now faster and lighter, which will improve the writing and management experience. Another great fact is the new default theme, “twenty twelve” which is now HTML5 validated. Another great thing is the possibility to write a post in full screen mode. If you ever felt that your writing box is too small, now you can have it on the whole screen.

The wordpress development team has great plans. To get advantage of new features that they can use, they are dropping support for older versions of php, mysql and IE6. Altough this may not be seen good by conservators, they can still use the older version of wordpress if they want to stay with older versions of PHP, or to provide support for older browsers. It was announced a year ago that the support for PHP4 and MySQL4 will be dropped, and there is no surprise that this happened. A bigger impact will have the drop of support for IE6, while developers can upgrade the servers, they have no control on what browsers their users are using, and some may be concerned that they will lose visitors.  According to ie6countdown ( a project started by microsoft ), only 2% of web users are using Internet Explorer 6 in United states. The world-wide percent is 10%, but this is mainly because in China the percent is 33% and 10% in India.