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Entries for May, 2010

Can you achieve great things with WordPress ?

The main argument that all take into when deciding if to go with a CMS or to build something from scratch is the software limitations and scalability. It is true, but the main argument to chose a CMS instead of building everything from scratch is the huge amount of time that we save using the […]

Add value to your Blog with a top profesional wordpress theme

Last days i was searching for a theme for an informational website that i want to build. I’m looking to build something more like a news website: a lot of information about a specific topic where visitors can read only what they want. First i searched for themes related to the website topic but i […]

Be organized in what you do

Being organized have important benefits to our work. It is proven by studies and you can experiment this instantly. You will notice that you are more efficient when you work organized. Sometime, if you organize very well your work and know in every moment what you have to do can make you feel like a […]

Convenience and WordPress Multi-Site

The nature of humans is in a continuous searching for convenience. We buy stuff online because we don’t want to go to the store, we use the TV remote, etc. We like to be comfortable. In business we don’t call it convenience, instead we call it efficiency. The real problem is where we draw the […]