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Entries for June, 2012

20 Most Popular WordPress Plugins – Infographic

An image is worth a thousand of words. How many words an infographic is worth ? Well, that depends on the amount of information on it. We would like to make a step ahead and try to bring some of the content we create into images. On the begining, our friends at Conosco created a […]

Prepare for WordPress 3.4

The latest version of WordPress is about to get released. This is not a big update, only few improvements on the user interface. For example, now you have more control from the administration panel on the template you are trying to edit. Now it is possible to make changes to a theme and preview it, […]

Does Internet Explorer have any chance to stay on the market ?

Internet Explorer gives a lot of headaches to web developers, because the guys at microsoft was always left behind by Mozilla, Google or Apple with their browsers: Firefox, Chrome and Safari. If you want to build an original design for a website, you do your drawings, export the images, write the code and test it […]