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Entries for February, 2012

Optimizing WordPress Themes for Tablets

Whether you think that tablets are overrated giant phones or the revolutionary salvation of accessible technology, you can’t argue that they’re here to stay and their popularity is rising fast. A report by comScore in October 2011 found that nearly 7 percent of all internet traffic in the US was done through tablets and smartphones […]

Best WordPress Theme for Auto Blogs and Websites

WordPress community is so big that you can find a theme for any type of website you want to build: fashion website, gadget blog, wedding website, etc. In most topics you will find so many specific themes that it will be very hard for you to decide. If you want to build an auto website […]

Why Adsense is not scaling

Google Adsense can be a good revenue stream for your website. There are many other monetization methods: ad sales, affiliate marketing, own product sale, cpa programs, but they work only when your blog reach a higher number of visitors. Until your website is well established, google adsense may be your only hope of generating some […]

UK Web Directory List – Finding the right directory

One thing every webmaster from green inexperienced webmaster to seasoned webmaster agree on is the fact that quality backlinks translates to good search engine ranking. The agreement between this two sets of webmaster continues when it come to the use of web directory as a source of quality back links, where they disagree or should […]

UK web directory by Wura

In most aspects of life, age does not seem to work in your favour for example, as you get older, you health insurance premium gets higher. But in some other aspects, for example with wine, the more a wine age, the better it is considered to be. The wine example seem to be the order […]

Drag & Drop WordPress Theme Builder

WordPress is about setting up a website with minimal effort and in the shortest time possible. Advanced features can be added trough plugins which most are available free of charge at a click distance. The content can be added trough a great interface. Practically, anyone can make a website with wordpress. The problem starts when […]

Best WordPress Themes as of February 2012

I know there are already quite a few of these articles on this site, and there should have been more themes included in the first article bearing this name. Unfortunately, we couldn’t actually fit all those themes in here, so this article will be about another few great WordPress Themes. Without further ado, we proudly […]