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Entries for August, 2012

Too many social networks ?

The Internet has grown rapidly in the past few years. Almost anyone has access to a computer with Internet these days. This means that you can practically find all the people you know online, but the truth is that you are having a hard time connecting with all of them. Why ? Because they are […]

Why Should you Choose Premium WordPress Themes?

Anyone who wants to use WordPress for their blog is going to be torn between choosing a free or paid WordPress theme. In most cases, however, a paid theme will be the better option for several reasons. Perhaps one of the most significant such reasons to choose a paid WordPress theme is simply the fact […]

Internal WordPress Stats or External Analytics

Tracking visitors is something that anyone should care about. The more information you have about your visitors the better is for you. If you run your website or blog on wordpress you can choose to have a plugin that will deliver the stats directly to your admin panel, or to use an external analytics software […]