The Internet has grown rapidly in the past few years. Almost anyone has access to a computer with Internet these days. This means that you can practically find all the people you know online, but the truth is that you are having a hard time connecting with all of them. Why ? Because they are using different social networks.

To stay connected with all of you friends you will have to use several social networks: facebook, twitter, linkedin, myspace, hi5, etc. Maybe you will want to ask: why not all your friends are using the same network ? There are many reasons: they are too shy to open a facebook or twitter account, they are used with the old one and don’t have the time to learn the new one, they are happy with the old one, etc.

You don’t have to change your every connection or to login into 20 social networks to stay connected with all of them. You have to use the right tools. is a web application that empower you to manage all of your social networks from a single place. Among the supported social networks we can find: facebook, twitter, myspace, linkedin, etc.  You can monitor the activity from every social network account you own. You can also be sure that your profile is updated in all places.

This is the video that brought my attention, making me to think that it will be possible to monitor every connection I have.