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Entries for March, 2010

A simple way to add thumbnails to your posts

A sure thing is that people like images. They tend to look to a image or a video instead of reading something. They will read too, but it is unlikely to read something before they are catch with a big headline or an image. They don’t like to waste time, they want to read only […]

I wish to a perfect WordPress

I am happy with wordpress, i can do whatever i want, despite i still do many things from the code. Working with the code is not a problem for me, but it is for my clients. I tested wordpress advanced templates, theme frameworks or plugins to enhance wordpress usability, but the results are still far […]

How to use Google Website Optimizer on WordPress

I can easily notice that people start to use wordpress often and often not just to add the blog functionality to their websites. They want to easy manage the content and they see wordpress as ¬†a good content management system. It is very easy to make a presentation site in wordpress, few things to change, […]

Prepare your blog for the Easter

I know the Easter is not the same for all people. There are so many differences: religion, region, etc. But this should not stand between you and your community. Prepare your blog for easter by either customizing your theme for easter, or by using a complete new one.

Improve the community around your blog: use CommentLuv

You already know that commenting on other blog let you put your website link. That link is on your name entered when you add the comment. It will look spammy to use your targeted keyword instead of your name. It looks bad and the chances that your comment won’t be approved are high. If you […]

Plugins that you must use for any blog

There are about 9000 wordpress plugins only in the wordpress plugin directory. Many other are created but for some reason they are not listed in the official directory. For example the paid ones can’t be included. The fact that they are paid does not guarantee quality, but we can hope for good things. If you […]

How far can you go with wordpress

Things that make wordpress so powerful are: ¬†plugins and themes. If you find the right themes and you install the right plugins you can turn your wordpress site in a great website. A great debate among web developers is either to use wordpress, other CMS or to make something custom. Few years ago i was […]

How to make a widgetized sidebar

You are familiar with the wordpress Widgets section. You can drag and drop things to your sidebar: recent posts, latest posts. It is a good wordpress feature. What about if you want to edit stuff on other locations of your website directly from the admin panel ? For example a portion of your header or […]

How to use firebug to improve your bog design

In this video i will show you how to use firebug to improve the proccess of design editing. The most important feature of firebug is that you can change things and see the results immediately. The design is mostly about experiments, you make it and the you take a look. If you like it you […]

How to easy modify template files in wordpress

You installed wordpress, found a great theme, installed some plugins but you want to personalize the look of your blog. You need to change the copyright text, you want to add a custom header image, you want to make the post titles smaller or other changes. To do that the best way is to quick […]