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How to add html head meta name robots content noarchive rule without a plugin

In wordpress, with plugins you can accomplish everything. But how it will be to have few hundred plugins installed ? WordPress plugins are updated frequently, this means that you will have to update a plugin almost every day. How about security problems that might appear due to bad coding of the plugins ? If you […]

A great way to research a topic you want to write about

When you start writing about something, you have to be well informed. Even if it is a subject that you know about, you need to see what happened recently about it. You don’t want to write any innacurate information on your post. If you write innacurate info, you either bring the reader into error, or […]

WordPress Back-Ups

This is a guide to help you make the all-important back-ups for WordPress. Your WordPress database contains every post, every comment and every link you have on your blog. If your database gets erased or corrupted, you stand to lose everything you have written. There are many reasons why this could happen and not all […]

Free Twitter Backups: Saving Your Tweets

Have you ever been a victim of unwanted tweet loss? Sounds funny, right? Well, it’s not funny for some people, especially business owners. If you’re a business owner who uses tweets to track transactions and client details such as comments, appointments, and payments, you might want to consider getting a backup for your treasured tweets. […]

How to Properly Install Your Open Source (Free) Software

When you are using open source software, you are accessing software that has source code that is not only made available to the general public, but can be changed and modified in any way by the general public, as well. What do you mean you don’t read binary? When the open source product is distributed, […]

5 Tips to Make Your Blog More Personable

One of the most difficult things to do on the Web is to convince others that you are a living breathing human being. When you’re staring at a site on a computer screen, it’s easy to forget that there are real people behind the site, writing the content and interacting with readers. This is especially […]

YouTuber? Find an App for Any Activity

Because people have gone so crazy for YouTube these days, everyone is trying to get the most of her or his viral experience. Whether it is to download these videos onto the computer or to try and pull a live song onto their MP3 player, there are no shortage of practical uses for the YouTube […]

How to register a shortcode in WordPress

In WordPress you can’t add php code into posts by default. Sure, you can use Exec-PHP plugin that will let you do that but it is not the best option. A community accepted way to add some advanced code, or show something depending on the status of the user viewing the post can be achieved […]

Before installing, make sure your wordpress theme is safe

There are so many wordpress themes available for free that it is so easy to lose counting. On the wordpress official theme directory are available only about 1400 themes. It is a small number compared to all available free wordpress themes. There is a good reason why the themes are not available in the official […]