One of the most difficult things to do on the Web is to convince others that you are a living breathing human being. When you’re staring at a site on a computer screen, it’s easy to forget that there are real people behind the site, writing the content and interacting with readers.

This is especially true for corporate blogs, which try to connect with individuals on a more human basis but have to convince readers that both the company and the site have a human face.

However this is absolutely critical for a site, especially a blog, as trust is critical for gaining regular readers and turning those readers into subscribers. However, people aren’t inclined to trust sites or companies, but rather, they trust other human beings, specifically those they like.

As such, making your site more personable is likely critical to its success and, fortunately, there are many good ways to do just that.

On that note, here are five tips to help you give your site a face and let your readers know about the person who is behind it.

1. Include a Photo

Humans are visual creatures so including a photo of yourself and displaying it prominently on your site is one of the best things you can do to make it seem more personal.

An attractive, casual photo can let your readers know that you are a person and they can connect your face with your site. That helps them form a stronger emotional attachment to your site than if you only had words on the screen.

2. Change How You Write

English class taught us all that using “I”, “We” and “You” are bad form but online those are powerful words to speak directly to the reader. Likewise we’re taught contractions and cliches are also signs of bad writing but they are both part of the language we speak and hear every day.

Casual language makes your blog more conversational and easier to read. That familiarity helps readers view you as human and, even though it might not be as authoritative, it breeds trust quickly.

3. Tell a Story or Two

Don’t hesitate to speak from personal experience when writing your blog. Tell others about things that you saw, did or had happen to you. We often connect with one another best through common experiences so sharing yours helps your readers identify with you.

To be clear, unless your site is a personal blog, you shouldn’t overload it with your personal stories, but weaving a compelling tale about how you started the business, why you set up the site, etc. can help you connect with your audience in a new way.

4. Make Mistakes

There’s an old saying that goes “to err is human” and that is very much the case. While you don’t want to deliberately add mistakes to your blog, especially factual errors that could get you into legal trouble, human beings do make mistakes and you shouldn’t be afraid to make a few of your own.

Too many corporate sites pass every blog post or entry through a dozen different eyes before posting them, making them feel pristine but also as if they were written by committee. Don’t be afraid to publish more quickly, though still thoughtfully, and correct any  mistakes later (in a visible way).

Being imperfect doesn’t make you bad, just human, and human isn’t a bad thing.

5. Participate in the Discussion

If people take the time to leave a comment on your blog, reply to them, at least when appropriate. Participating in your blog’s comments not only helps you engage with your readers but it also helps reminds them that you are involved with your blog and engaged with them.

Even a simple reply in the comments can help a reader feel that they have a personal connection with you and, with that, comes an investment from them. The few seconds it takes to say thanks or to answer a question could be what gives you a new long-term reader for your site.


All in all, the most important thing for you, or any blogger, to remember is that your readers are people too. If you lose sight of your reader’s humanity and see them as just numbers or dollar signs, your ability to connect with them will suffer.

Treat your readers as people, approach them as such and they will do the same for you, it is that simple.