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Entries for April, 2012

How to take your business to the next level the right way

When you start a new business, there are few things to do in the “backend” ( the less visible part ), like accounting, billing, human resources. You don’t need to fill a lot of paper sheets with accounting issues, you only have few clients and few or no employees. You can do all the stuff […]

Top Widgets, Apps, and Themes Designed to Increase Your Profits

There are many apps and other resources that can help users spend money on your site. By using these apps on your site, you should begin to see more of a profit since they make it easier for users to buy things. A couple of the best examples of these services are profiled below.

How much is a website worth ?

There are many factors that should be taken into consideration to figure out the value of a website: revenue, traffic, age. While revenue is a result of traffic, rankings, etc, then you can guess a value just with it. Most websites are selling for 10-12 times their monthly revenue, but there are some rules that […]

How to create a local web directory with WordPress.

As you probably figured out, you can do a lot of things with wordpress: blogs, simple presentation websites, shops, portfolio websites, q&a, social networks and much more. Despite web directories are not so popular as they were few years ago, I think it is still worth it to create a directory about a specific topic. […]

First 10 Things to do immediately after you install WordPress

WordPress comes as a plug-and-play option for blogs and websites. While for normal websites you have to arrange your content, add pages and other stuff, on a blog you can just start blogging about whatever subject you want. Let’s assume that you already have a theme and you installed it, what you do now. 

Where to find good WordPress coders

Finding good programmers is not easy. There is a myth that says that you can outsource everything to poor countries and you get a lot of work done for nothing. This may work pretty well for robotic activities like data entry or something like this, but why do you think there are so many companies […]

Notable Reputation Management Case Studies

Oxford-Metrica, an analytics and advisory firm, reported that over 80% of companies will experience a problem that will cause a negative impact to their reputation and to their financial success. This is because most companies simply are not prepared to handle crisis and to prevent a negative reputation from getting out of control. There are […]

Wp Auto Affiliate Links 2.3

With Wp Auto Affiliate links you can automatically add links in your content. Version 2.3.1 was recently released. The new version have the feature to cloack links. You can select if you want to use cloacked links or not. There were many changes in the past months and the plugin reached 10,000 downloads from the […]