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Entries for March, 2011

Current Web Designs Trends

Staying on top of the latest web design trends will help your website stay at the front of the pack. While a lot of people seem to think that web design trends are more about fashion and looks than substance, the real point of these trends is that they help to increase the functionality of […]

Is a custom design worth it for your blog ?

If you are just starting a blog or a website you need to launch it as soon as you can. You don’t have time to wait for a custom website design and advanced features. First you need to test and learn more about the market you get into. To accomplish this the best way is […]

What very cheap web hosting accounts are hiding

If you are looking to buy a web hosting account you may be wondering why some shared accounts cost 15$ while other can be as low as 2$/month. Sometimes it happens to be this difference from 2 shared hosting plans from the same web hosting company. They are only selling those plans having in mind […]

Can Java development to be brought to the web ?

Java is one of the most popular programming languages. The main advantage of Java is the cross-platform capabilities. Probably the most important feature is that it is very different. The code is not compiled like c++ or other compiled languages. In the C++ case, a program that is compiled on windows won’t work on other […]

Natural link building

I call natural all links that are not artificial, links that no one cares about and are there only for robots. These links are unrelated links attached to an article that is submitted to thousand of unvisited article directories, website directories, buying links from unrelated websites.

Is local website hosting cheaper ?

You may be mislead in thinking that if something is only available locally, it have to be cheaper than something that is available globally. That is not true in case of many products and it is totally untrue for website hosting. Global and big hosting companies have a lot of clients and the costs for […]

What you need to start a website

I’ve talked a lot here on my blog about how easy is to start a website using wordpress content management system. Basically, it is easier than reading this post, but starting up a website with wordpress is not what you want. You don’t want a website, you want an online business, even if it is […]

How to promote a local website

In a full of spam Internet and when there are already millions of blogs created it is very hard to promote a new website. There are not many places where you can submit your link to, but if you read the right books you will find out what you need to do in order to […]

How to use WordPress in SEO for a Good Traffic Flow

For the guys who are well verse with WordPress also need to be well aware of the Search Engine Optimization. Both the SEO and the WordPress are big things and can easily bring you the bigger results once you get them going well together. It is something surprising that the people who know how to […]

How important is to read web hosting reviews before buying

If you are a person that want to know all the details and do a lot of thinking and comparison until you decide which product to buy, then you are likely to miss some important aspects. I know because I’m that person. When I want to buy a computer, or a car, or anything I […]