I call natural all links that are not artificial, links that no one cares about and are there only for robots. These links are unrelated links attached to an article that is submitted to thousand of unvisited article directories, website directories, buying links from unrelated websites.

I bet that while you read this you already submitted your website to hundreds of web directories. How many visitors are coming from directories ? Why google will give value to your link on a website without visitors ? You may think that Google can’t know if that page receive a lot of visitors or not. This may be true, but they have other ways to deal with artificial or automated created links. I don’t say that you should never submit your websites to directories, but you also need natural links.

Natural links can be attracted by providing something valuable to users and promoting them without spamming in topical communities, q&a websites, forums, blogs. If someone asks about a tool that you have on your website, and you give the link it will be appreciated because you helped someone to find what he looks for, and others that may be asking themselves same question but they land on that question page.

I recently wrote a guest post on other website with details about the secrets of natural link building. I hope you enjoy it and don’t hesitate to leave a comment.