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Remember Google Wave ? Try P2 WordPress Theme.

Google Wave was a short lived google product that facilitated the communications between teams. It was first released in 2009, and in 2010, Google already announced that it will be closed. Some pundits say that it was shut down to make space for Google Buzz, who later became Google plus. Maybe it was not wide known […]

WordPress 4.0 Released: New Editorial Experience

WordPress 4.0 has just launched today, with new post, media and plugin management interface improvements. Why I am really excited about this is that a lot of people I know complained about the WordPress post editor because it was not real wysiwyg or because it is hard to embed videos or other media. For someone […]

How to add html head meta name robots content noarchive rule without a plugin

In wordpress, with plugins you can accomplish everything. But how it will be to have few hundred plugins installed ? WordPress plugins are updated frequently, this means that you will have to update a plugin almost every day. How about security problems that might appear due to bad coding of the plugins ? If you […]

Why I Won’t Build my Projects as WordPress Plugins Anymore

From 2007 I am building my websites on wordpress. WordPress is the best content management system around and whenever I have a client with a non-wordpress site I suggest him to move to wordpress. WordPress is customizable and you can basically do whatever you want. There are many plugins available that will let you to […]

WordPress 10th Birthday

On 27 May 2013, WordPress will celebrate 10 years of existence. WordPress became popular as a blogging platform very fast. In 2005 I created my first wordpress template for a client. Despite wordpress was used only as a blog, starting with 2007 it was also used as a content management system. In 2006, I coded […]

The best way to paste code into a wordpress post

If you maintain a blog about web development or programming, or another type of blog where you have to show some code to your readers, you already faced problems trying to paste code into wordpress text editor. If the piece of code is not deleted by the editor filters, it will be screwed up by […]

How to protect your contact forms from spam bots

Lately, I got a lot of spam emails into my inbox, coming from the contact forms on my website. At first,  I ignored all of it, because it was 1 every week. But suddenly, I started to get dozens of spam messages every day. The good part is that I am the only one who […]

Why the General Perception is that WordPress is not that good

Very often I find this question on forums: “Which is the best content management system ?”. Despite the WordPress popularity, first answers seem to feature Joomla as the best content management system. The posters usually have good arguments, despite they probably never used wordpress for comparision. If they use WordPress once, they will use it […]

Marketing Your WordPress Skills for Money

Selling your WordPress skills online is a great way to make good money, money that you can save in a bank that offers high interest rates to grow your earnings and accrue interest. However, in order to market your WordPress skills on the web, there are certain things that you need to do. In the following article we […]

Biggest changes of WordPress in 2012

Since 2012 has passed. it is good to make a nice recap of what was improved, added and removed from WordPress last year. Judging from outside the development area, there was not too much visible changes that affected the core WordPress users. However, during the last year, a lot of changes were made to the […]