Wp Auto Affiliate Links

This plugin will automatically extract affiliate links from amazon, clickbank, shareasale or any other affiliate network that will provide you a datafeed with your affiliate links, and will add those links inside your content with no effort from your part. You can read more about the plugin here: Auto Affiliate Links.

FS Revenue Maximizer

The plugin will help you to add adsense or any other ad after the first or second paragraph of the content. Using it you adsense CTR will increase and you will earn more money from your website. Ads inside the content have a much higher exposure than ads placed in header, footer or sidebar FS Revenue Maximizer.

Ipgp User Country Flag

The plugin will allow you to display a small image containing the visitor country flag. Seeing the flag, if placed in the right position, the visitor will be more familiar with your website. Ipgp User Country Flag.

IPGP Visitors Origin

This plugin will show you information about your website visitors: country, city, region, ISP. It will also show a map with the number of visitors from every country. The plugin uses the API from http://www.ipgp.net. IPGP Visitors Origin.

Calotor Calorie Counter

The plugin will allow you to add a small Base Metabolic rate calculator to your wordpress sidebar by dragging and dropping the calotor widget. Calotor Calorie Counter.