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Entries for October, 2011

How to write content that attract search engine traffic

ScribeSEO recently released a free SEO report that will tell us how to write great content for search engines. While you don’t have to forget that you write for people, you can still follow some guidelines that will make search engines to love your website. For who don’t know, ScribeSEO is developing a great wordpress […]

A Few Really Awesome WordPress Themes

In the past, we have seen or heard about some really good themes. Well, right now we are going to take a closer look at the more interesting ones and hopefully help you decide what the next theme for your website is going to be.

Is Link Building still important for SEO ?

There is a long debate about the search engine ranking factors. Most important parts of SEO are on-page optimization ( content, headlines, meta tags, keyword density ) and off-page optimization ( link building, social media ). Most people tend to think that on-page optimization is responsible for a percent of the ranking, and off-page optimization […]

Make more money with your blog

When you run a blog, you have probably hundreds or thousands articles, one longer than other. I bet that from all those articles there are a dozen of them which stand out, that were cited by a great blogger, or in a popular forum and receive a lot of traffic. There are posts that attract […]