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Entries for April, 2010

Top 10 Premium WordPress Templates

Premium templates are usually designed for specific uses of WordPress, not only blogs. For example: landing pages, consultation website, presentation website. Another aspect of premium themes is that they have advanced options that you can change directly from your administration panel. They have advanced features meant to avoid template programming. If you want to get […]

First thoughts on WordPress 3.0

Few days ago the WordPress team released the WordPress 3.0 beta for us to test. I’ve waited for a long time for an opportunity to give it a real test. I will share my thoughts with you as i install and go trough it’s main features. The installation looks the same, but something i can […]

Video: How to change footer text in wordpress

Many wordpress users don’t want to do advanced changes, they simply want to do the necessary changes so that their blog or website will be a little personalized. This way, they spend very short time on building the layout and they focus all time on content. What are the first things you would like to […]

Secure your wordpress with security scanner plugin

In the history wordpress was accused of many security breaches. He is not having a good background, but things changed. The real problem was not only because he have many flaws, but when a flaw is discovered, all bots are set-up to exploit that, and even if your blog was not popular if you did […]

Customize your sidebar: show different things on sidebar

An important aspect for a blog or website is the sidebar. The sidebar is the one who shows the most important links, featured posts, banners, funny stuff, facebook widgets, follow me icon, and many other. WordPress currently have a good sidebar management. You just drag and drop things into it. You install a plugi and […]

How to make your wordpress more Website friendly with Genesis

WordPress Genesis is a theme framework that adds the functionality of about 20 plugins to your wordpress website. It is designed to quick turn you wordpress into a website. Genesis have a lot of features that will help your website. For example: Breadcrumbs, customized menus, featured pages, featured posts, and others. It also comes with […]

Happy Easter

This day i will not talk about WordPress or Technical stuff, i just want to wish you a Happy Easter. This year the Christmas is in the same time For all Christians and this is a good thing. I wish you a Happy Easter. See ya next week.

Publish posts immediately or schedule

Some bloggers prefer to postpone the date when an article is published while others want to publish immediately. There are advantages and disadvantages for postponing posts. You have to think both for website readers and rss readers too. For rss readers is not a big change, anyway they read articles at a later date, but […]

Why I decided to move all my websites to WordPress

Until 3 months ago, i used to build sites on normal HTML templates that i selected from the web. First i made a header.php file, sidebar.php file, footer.php file, things were simple, until the SEO started to concern me. At that point i realized that is a bad idea to have the same title for […]