Calendar screen shot - showing agenda of the week

Some bloggers prefer to postpone the date when an article is published while others want to publish immediately.

There are advantages and disadvantages for postponing posts. You have to think both for website readers and rss readers too. For rss readers is not a big change, anyway they read articles at a later date, but normal readers tend to check blog often but they read only the last articles. They won’t keep in mind which is the last article they read.

Sometimes seeing 5 posts from the same blog in the reader will make them think that they are not worth reading, this is why some big bloggers post only 1 article every day. They want readers to think that they put a whole day work into that article. Sometimes quantity can affect quality.

People check the reader few times a day, so publishing posts on different parts of the day can be a good idea. For those who post once per day can manage their time better writing more posts one day and schedule them to auto-publish on different days.