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Can you still make money with Google Adsense in 2017 ?

When I started in Internet Marketing, about 12 years ago, Google Adsense was the best way to monetize a website. They paid by click and the payment was good. As Internet marketing grew, other ways to monetize a website became available to any type of internet marketer: affiliate marketing, product selling, subscriptions, etc. The revenue […]

Automattic brings WordAds to Self-Hosted WordPress

Today, Automattic announced on their blog that they have released the AdControl plugin. With this plugin, any self-hosted WordPress site can earn income trough wordpress.com ad network: WordAds . WordAds is the Ad Network used on all WordPress.com hosted blogs. Normal users of hosted wordpress can’t opt out WordAds unless they are purchasing VIP or Premium […]

Amazon vs Adsense

Getting money our of  your blog is not as easy as it was several years ago. Yes, you can give out sponsored reviews or sell directly ad space on your blog, but this can happen only if you are a popular blogger, or if you are covering a very specific topic or a small niche. […]

Is Adsense Dead for Blogs ?

Blogging can be an easy way to make some money online by sharing your knowledge. You don’t need any programming, designing, or tech skills to get started. You need to have some experience and be passionate about a subject. You start writing articles, tips, tricks, insights, your own experiences, share the posts with all your […]

Using the Internet to Fund Your Kids’ College Education

One of the things that every parent worries about is “am I really doing everything I can to ensure that I am properly planning for my child’s college education?” College is incredibly expensive. Even the state/publicly funded schools that used to be an affordable route for nearly everyone now cost upwards of $20K a year […]

How to make money by selling links and reviews on your blog

I know that link selling was blamed by Google in the past. I also consider it bad to buy links to manipulate search engine ranking positions. The main goal of a link placed on one website that leads to another is a classic form of advertising. Is advertising bad ? Not at all, even google […]

In Content Ads Networks Test Results

Past few weeks I have been testing Kontera and InfoLinks to see who provide better ads and who generate more money. As you may know, sites or blogs with a lot of content are having a hard time earning revenue by PPC display advertising, like Google Adsense. I ran the tests on a blog with […]

Wp Auto Affiliate Links PRO has been released

After a long period of deveoping and testing, Wp Auto Affiliate Links PRO is finally here. The plugin will help any blog or website owner to generate more income trough affiliate links. It will automatically get affiliate links from Amazon, Clickbank, Shareasale or any other custom affiliate network and intelligently add them trough the content. […]

Top Widgets, Apps, and Themes Designed to Increase Your Profits

There are many apps and other resources that can help users spend money on your site. By using these apps on your site, you should begin to see more of a profit since they make it easier for users to buy things. A couple of the best examples of these services are profiled below.

How much is a website worth ?

There are many factors that should be taken into consideration to figure out the value of a website: revenue, traffic, age. While revenue is a result of traffic, rankings, etc, then you can guess a value just with it. Most websites are selling for 10-12 times their monthly revenue, but there are some rules that […]